Een tijdje geleden heb ik een prijs gewonnen bij de Masters of Dutch Wedding Photogrpahy.
Trouwfotograaf Jarg Woldhuis, TerschellingHet juryrapport werd geschreven door Lanny Mann, fotograaf van Two Mann Studio’s in Amerika.
Jullie mogen weten dat ik natuurlijk erg trots ben op dit rapport, want ik voelde namelijk precies hetzelfde als Lanny op het moment dat ik de foto schoot.

What am I looking for in an award winning photograph? In short, something that jumps out into my soul and grabs a hold of me and makes me say, “Holy Fuck.” It’s gotta stop me in my tracks… make me think… and make me feel something. In order to achieve that, the image must to have 2 things… 1) visual impact and 2) emotional impact.

The visual impact comes from a combination of light and composition that is compelling AND unique/unexpected (unique/unexpected being the more elusive). But all the visual impact in the world does not an award-winner make. It’s also gotta communicate an element of emotion… humanity… what it means to be human. For this, we need movement and/or – most importantly – something authentic.

This image s the perfect example of that. The light and composition is interesting enough… simple and timeless. But the emotional impact is what drives this one home. It says so much about what if means to be a father and what it means to be a 6 year old daughter (or maybe this is just because I have a 6 year old daughter). 🙂

The timing and position of the girl and the man is perfect (and perfectly imperfect), leaving no doubt… nothing to confuse the story of this photograph. Sometimes the most simple stories are told best with the most simple photographs. And for these reasons, this photograph works.”
~ Lanny Mann