So, I met Anna Kuperberg.
I fell in love.

She takes her time, she really lookes at pictures. She feels them. Anna has got such a well developed intuition, it’s mind blowing.
Her work is engaging, volnarable and just plain fun.About real life. Families, dogs, wedddings. It’s about life with all its terrible ugly things.

I am going to do a portfolio session with her. I am not scared, because I will be better afterwards. Looking forward to how she is going to change my business.

“Try to humanize your pictures”.
I always pick those pictures, but I will also add a safe photo on the blog because I am scared that people otherwise won’t like it. Which is stupid.

Be more me.

Fearless conference 2013-1

This was not the only impressive woman I heard talking. The other impressive girl I met is Citlalli Rico.

She said everything out loud that I feel and live. She just had the overview and was able to evaluate what she (actually me) was doing. I don’t have that capability to have an overview yet. But it will come.
I had to take notes of her speech, but I didn’t. I had to take it in. What she was saying. Just live that moment. I think things will get out when it’s time to get out. I memorize it through my body.
The biggest moment was when Citlalli made me realise I was here. I am here at Fearless. Right now. I am freaking here part of this moment wit hall these wonderfull people.

Wow, that was something.

Thank you all for this experience. I am a changed man (ughh, that sounds so cliché, but it’s true).